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Raising Young Readers is Annuja's passion project which is gaining more traction each day.

Please continue to browse the site and all of the unique content on offer. Take a look around;

perhaps you’ll discover something that will be helpful. Read on and enjoy!

Here's some background on Annuja.

Annuja James is a certified Phonics reading coach with great success helping children get to reading fluency from as young as 4 years old. The children under he care easily pass English entrance exams for private schools at primary level.

She first sought to qualify herself to help her own daughter read. Through word of mouth her client list grew dramatically. Her experience has allowed her to developed a step-by-step approach, honed through years of teaching, creating an effective and joyful way to convey each lesson.  Annuja's students excitedly anticipate their lessons as they are varied and fun-filled.

The demand for her classes have exceeded expectations leading her to address an underlying need: empowering parents to teach their own children to read with a step-by-step approach.


Annuja is currently working on a Signature Course which will be released soon.

She will also be featuring her very own phonics workbook for children from the ages of 4-6 years here on this stay tuned.


Annuja is a Certified Professional Trainer (IPMA, UK, 2018), conducting seminars and talks on teaching parents how to help their children read, parenting for young learners and using theatre methods in the classroom for preschools and kindergartens.


With a Masters degree in Advertising & Marketing (Leeds University, UK, 2004), she worked for more than 8 years in the UK as a marketing professional in the Financial Services industry before making the switch to self employment and teaching privately. 

Prior to that, Annuja graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre (Texas Christian University, USA, 2002).


Aside from having a strong memory of her own childhood, Annuja has a fun-loving manner and is a kid at heart which helps her engage and connect with the children she teaches, making lessons more fun and ultimately effective.

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